Business becalmed

Business becalmed

Tomorrow I have a major event.  It is totally under control, but I had cleared my desk today to tie up loose ends, be on call for any queries, make soothing phone calls and generally manage the last minute crises.  I am proud of my foresight, a whole day to make sure I have time to do everything.

So why am I sitting here?

Managing expectations is fine, but sometimes expectations fall short. I should be pleased that everything is under control.  And I am. My question is what do I do instead?

Faced with an unexpected time slot, the possibilities are endless, and that in itself is a problem when you run your own business. I could work for another client.  I could do all those things that I never have time for, such as promotion and marketing.  I could look at my business plan and tweak it, or dare I say it, rewrite a bit of my website.  I could think of some wondrous and clever things to put on social media; or even time some posts; if I can remember how to do it.

Too much to do, too little time.  Except now I have time and I can’t choose.  My head is saying, you have a paying client who is expecting work.  My heart is saying if you don’t put some hours into promoting the business you won’t have any paying clients.  And my body is saying let’s put the kettle on and take a well-deserved rest before the hard day tomorrow.

I am used to filling corners of time, and as a wise person once said, what takes you five minutes today will take you ten minutes tomorrow.  But this isn’t a corner; it’s practically a whole afternoon.  I could do something really meaty and worthwhile.  Or I could do all those little things that never seem to get done.

In that case, perhaps the answer is a list.  A list of things that need to be done and how long it will take.  Then when this happens again I will be better prepared and it would help make the best use of time.  But of course, Number One on such a list would have to be ‘Make List’….

Perhaps I’ll just write a blog.

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