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How can you make your writing more interesting? How can you improve your words if English is your second language? How can you make sure the professionalism of your work extends to the copy on your website?

Wordsmith Services was set up to help small business owners with language.  So many talented people, with great business ideas, successful in their own right, find using the right language difficult and time-consuming. You understand how to market your business – but using the right language to make you look professional is another hurdle.  You want to communicate in a clear, concise and professional way – but have no time to put in the hours that this requires.

Or it may be simply that you write as you speak – which is not the way people read.

Small businesses need to be professional in the way they communicate.  Below are some of the ways Wordsmith can help.

Here’s what we offer!


How long has it been since you looked at your website copy? Does it reflect the professionalism of your business? Is it really your ‘window to the world’?  Or something you knew you had to do, so you wrote some content a while ago very quickly and have not looked at it since?

Wordsmith can rewrite your existing copy, sharpening it, updating it and of course checking for typos and misuse of common words.  With the added bonus that this can help your SEO rankings.

Proof reading and editing

Is English your second language?  Or were words, grammar and spelling never your thing?

Wordsmith will take what you want to say but make it better, read more smoothly, and add the little twists that make it memorable. Whatever piece of writing you have that needs to be right – for example a personal statement, a dissertation, an essay or a CV – we can make it better without losing your content.


Need to make impression

Tell Wordsmith what you need to say.  Say how long you need it to be and the type of audience you will have.  We will write it for you to order in a memorable way; with no bad jokes (although there may be some good ones).

Could we help you? Send us an email, start a conversation!

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